Sonic® ABEC5 Skate Bearings

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Sonic® ABEC5 Skate Bearings are a solid replacement set of bearings, perfect for those who want an inexpensive bearing that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Sonic® uses labyrinth seals to prevent dirt and debris from getting inside, which greatly extends the life of the bearing. Sonic also uses premium SUJ2 steel from Japan that maintains its high-level of performance at all levels of play.

Precision honed races & balls

Premium Japanese SUJ2 chrome steel withstands hard turns & stops

Labyrinth seal defends against dirt & debris to extend bearing life

Nylon ball retainer – lighter, quieter, & faster than a metal cage

Comes pre-lubricated with Sonic® Super Gel – remove non-contact rubber seals for easy cleaning. For best results, use Sonic® Citrus Cleaner and Sonic® 100% Synthetic Oil for bearing maintenance.

16 bearings/pack