LIGHT UP Roller Skate Jam Plugs, 5/8" (Pair)

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Light up any rink, basketball court, or even your own living room with these gorgeous gem stone roller skate jam plugs!

Graduate from grippy toe stops to small dance plugs that provide more space for front-wheel-only toe moves like toe manuals, dribbles, zeros, and many more. Made by a fellow skater in the community—Jammerz!

Made of durable high quality acrylic material by Jammerz, a fellow creator in the skate community!

•5/8 - for plates with adjustable toe stops
•5/16 - for plates with bolt-on toe stops

Compatible with:
-Moxi: Beach Bunny, Panther, Lolly, Jack on Powerdyne Thrust, Reactor Neo/Pro plates. NOT compatible with Rainbow Riders
-Rookie Artistic skates
-Crazy: Evoke, Celebrity, Zoom skates
-Chaya: Melrose Elite, Barbie Patin, Karma/Pro, Jump, Eclipse, Onyx, Ruby
-Rio Roller Signature
*these gemstone toe plugs can do plug spins but are not meant for stopping

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