Juice Jolt Hybrid Quad Wheels, 59mm (4pk)

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Juice Jolt Wheels are never lacking for grip, making them ideal for skaters frequently skating on polished concrete and other slick-as-ice surfaces. Unlike most 'hybrid' wheels that only offer single durometers somewhere in the low 80's, this third generation of Jolts offers a range of hardnesses from 80A-86A. Clean, square edges help keep the response and control of these wheels manageable while you're busy NOT worrying about sliding out of the turn or rolling over that crack.

 Set of 4 Wheels

  • Size: 59mm x 38mm
  • Available Colors & Hardness: Green(82A) Pink (84A) Yellow (86A)
  • Hub: Spoked Nylon
  • Bearings sold separately


Hub: Spoked Nylon

Size / Edge: 59 x 38mm / None

   80A (Teal)
   82A (Green)
   84A (Pink)
   86A (Yellow)

*other colors on backorder

Weight (Based on one 59x38mm wheel): 84g