FoMac Jam Plugs - Pair (5/16")

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REPLACE BULKY STOPS WITH THESE SMALLER DANCE PLUGS - Smaller and lighter than a traditional toe stop. Not recommended for stopping or starting, but to gain more ground clearance for more intricate dance moves.

INEXPENSIVE - A lot cheaper than traditional stops, built with genuine Sure-Grip quality.

The Fo Mac Jam Plug is available in 5/8 or 5/16.
  • 5/16" - bolt-on or fixed toe stop plates
  • 5/8" - adjustable toe stop plates
  • Sold in pairs

Compatible with:

  • Impala
  • Chaser: Squad, Whip
  • Chaya: Glide, Melrose, Sketch, Voyager
  • Reniaever
  • Shopee/Lazada skates
  • Rookie: Rosa, Legacy, Harmony, Magic
  • Rio: Milkshake, Scipt, Rose, Lumina, Artist, Mayhem II

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