[Pre-Order] Ennui Park Knee Gasket

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The ENNUI PARK knee gasket is another perfect piece of protective design. Light weight, perfect fitting and highly protective.

  • stretchable knitted cotton sleeve design provides a very pleasant fit and perfect for breathability and sweat release.
  • rounded shaped dual density padding adapts to your knee avoiding any slippage or movement.
  • paired with the ENNUI external plastic cap and side protectors delivers a great all-round protection and good slides in any situation.
  • top strap offers adjustable and secure fit and reduces slippage thanks to the silicon strips on top and bottom of the sleeve.
  • light weight construction gives a lot of freedom to move whilst remaining protected.

The ENNUI Park knee gasket is perfectly suited for all action sports. *Vegan friendly.

Recommended for: Derby, Roller Skating, Skateboarding, Bike, Longboarding, Inline Skating, Streetboarding, Scooter, Off-Road Skating, Snow Sports, Water Sports.