CORE™ Derby Laces® - Pool Blue

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Performance Wax
CORE™ by Derby Laces® have the perfect amount of performance wax to feel awesome and stay tied, tight, and where you want them in shoes, boots, skates, etc. create a natural friction when tightened to help them stay tied, tight, and where you want them while skating.
Durable Fibers
CORE™ by Derby Laces® are braided laces made out of metallic coated durable fibers. They have a unique texture that allows them to tighten and loosen easily.
Attractive Colors
CORE™ by Derby Laces® are available in a large variety of attractive colors and designs. We are constantly expanding our selection of colors and sizes.
Hardened Tips
CORE™ by Derby Laces® feature a molded tip made out of the lace material itself. There are no plastic or metal bits to peel off or break. The lace tip is easy to lace and extremely durable. Simple damage can be repaired by flaming the tip.

Comes in: 96in (244cm)

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