Chaya Ruby Soft Roller Skates

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The Chaya Ruby Soft is the most ´ready to go´ beginner package on the market.
This low cut yet supportive boot offers both increased comfort and performance. The design is stylish, clean and simple with a crisp white finish—classic but also a standout!

The Ruby comes mounted on:
  • fiberglass reinforced Shari plate for strength and response (same plate on the Chaya Melrose Elite, Love is Love, Kismet/Barbie Patin, and Karma Pro park skates)
  • smooth outdoor OCTO PASEO Wheels 78A/62mm
  • Wicked ABEC 5 bearings (with rubber shields)
  • Chaya Controller upgraded adjustable allen lock toe stops
  • There are no immediate upgrades needed with this package!

NOTE: The stock Manufacturer's box says "quick-release axles" but please note that these skates DO NOT have quick-release axles.




  • Composite material
  • Lightweight
  • Low cut boot
  • Superior comfort
  • High quality interior padding
  • Speed strap


  • Nylon + Fiberglass
  • Dual Center Mounting ready
  • 20° truck, aluminium, casted
  • Power toe
  • Offset toe stop
  • Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A


  • Soft wheels for a smooth ride
  • Octo Paseo 62 x 38mm, 78a


  • ABEC 7 Chrome Steel Ball Bearings

Toe Stopper:

  • Controller stopper
  • Natural/synthetic rubber mix
  • Long stem, flat head