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The Chaya Melrose Elite Skates feature a re-envisioned Chaya Melrose Boot which are very well padded, making them comfortable anywhere on the go. With all the eye popping colors you will feel like you are skating back into the 80's, but with a little more style. Coming with some Wicked bearings and Chaya wheels will create a smooth and leisurely ride. You will never forget the riding experience that comes with these skates!

Disciplines Outdoor
Level of Play Any
Customization Not Available


Chaya Melrose Boot
PP Hard Outole
Built-in Textile Liner
Thin EVA Innersole

Chaya Shari Plate
Fiberglass Reinforced Baseplate
Dual Center Mounting (DCM) Ready
20 Action
Casted Aluminum Trucks
Power Toe
Offset Toe Stop
Jelly Interlock PU-Cushions, 84A

Chaya Outdoor Wheels (vary)
62mm x38mm
Durometer: 78A

WCD Wicked Bearings
Lubrication: Grease

Chaya Controller Toe Stop

Weight (One Skate, Size 39):1485g