Bionic Bigfoot Stopper, 5/8" (Pair)

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The Bionic Bigfoot Stopper puts a priority on performance like never before. The huge 59mm footprint has superior grip & rebound with a unique cut that ensures wheels up to 66mm in diameter will never rub! The bottom is pre-angled so there is no break-in period; 30mm stem fits standard 5/8" threads.

  • Shape
    • Profile: Flat
    • Face: Round (with Cutaways)
  • Footprint: Small - Medium - Large
  • Stem Length: 30mm
  • Density: Soft - Moderate - Hard


   59mm Footprint
      Wheel Cutaways (for wheels up to 66mm)
   Thick Stopper (24-29mm)
   Flat Profile

   5/8" Imperial
   30mm Length

   91g per Toe Stop